Aviation Systems Engineering

Aviation Systems Engineering

Expert Advice Across the Systems Engineering Spectrum

At JHNA, we are both former warfighters and systems engineers. This dual-hatted perspective enables us to perceive challenges and opportunities across the systems engineering process and guide our customers to systems development success. We help our customers focus on early acquisition activities, such as requirements definition, development planning, and early acquisition systems engineering support. We can lead multi-functional teams to provide broad-scoped support assessments of programs to help identify and reduce risks. We help programs identify and implement systems engineering best practices. And we can assess program data to make recommendations when course correction is appropriate. Across the systems engineering process, our role is to illuminate issues, offer alternatives, and forge solutions. We specialize in aviation systems, but we can apply our methodologies and processes to any system under development.

Insight into Materiel Solutions

In the early stages of systems acquisition, we help customers fully explore and clarify the user’s need, evaluate possible technologies to implement the solution, and clarify additional roles and applications of technology. We develop a compendium of metrics based on technology development phase results and provide key input to frame modeling and simulation efforts.

Integration of Technology

During the technology development phase, JHNA demonstrates the applicability of the technology to the war fight. We depict how a potential solution might work, creating a graphical representation of the system in an operational environment, clarifying requirements and metrics to ensure the eventual design meets the specific user needs, and establish key system and operational views and event trace architecture.

Early Production Oversight

During the engineering and manufacturing development phase, JHNA ensures the user-defined capability is represented in modeling and simulation, system specifications, and system design. We identify capability gaps in the modeling and design documents and guide the technical development process through requirements decomposition, risk management, and trade study execution.

Planning for Deployment

When a system enters the production and deployment phase, our focus turns to developing a comprehensive test plan for system and subsystems, including tests that will ensure critical requirements are measured and verified. As production and testing occur, we incorporate results back into the requirements and design phase to optimize system capability.

JHNA Support Doesn’t End with Deployment

During the operations and support phase of system development, we continue to fine tune solutions. We develop fielding plans, assist with system upgrades, help develop training programs that optimize system use, and facilitate hardware and software training and integration.

JHNA’s end-to-end system development support ensures the system stays responsive to warfighter needs and within the realm of engineering capability.