Archives - June, 2015

JHNA gives back by getting its hands dirty

June 15, 2015

Pulling weeds, sowing buckwheat and carrots, spreading compost. JHNA employees volunteered their time last month at Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, a non-profit committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable local food system. Check out Arcadia’s new Veteran Farmer Program, a hands-on program designed to provide veterans with professional agricultural skills. JHNA is a proud supporter of this important organization.


Getting CONOPS Right

June 3, 2015

Getting the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) right is a crucial first step in acquiring and fielding technology to meet current and emerging operational needs. But CONOPS development is an art. It takes a combination of military tactical know-how, knowledge of advanced technologies, and engineering perspective to know the right questions to ask when developing a CONOPS. JHNA serves as a warfighter to engineer interface precisely because that skills mix is so elusive. JHNA employees are not only engineers, but they are also retired military leaders who keep on top of technology developments.

Most government customers and even other contractors struggle at CONOPS development. Why?

First, the technology realm is vast, with many technologies under development at many different stages. The user community doesn’t have the time or expertise to stay on top of all the technology developments, much less develop CONOPS for them.

Second, the user community has a full plate. Preparing CONOPS for current systems undergoing modernization and meeting JCIDS documentation requirements leaves little time to develop CONOPS for future technologies.

Third, the skill set required to develop CONOPS for advanced technologies is complex. The pool of people who understand both the complex nuances of military tactics and the nuances in technology utility is very small. There are similarly few engineers with a meaningful understanding of military operations. Thus, there is a real need for someone to serve as liaison between the warfighters and engineers.

JHNA is uniquely positioned to provide this interface. We understand the user community because we have been the user community. Our employees have years of experience in military tactics, which infuses our perception of promising technologies. We evaluate them holistically: how do they fit into a combined arms approach? What effect will they have on doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF)? Our CONOPS experts ensure that all technologies are evaluated with a full appreciation for what they can and cannot accomplish to meet a warfighting mission.

We have proudly served at the intersection of technology, warfighting, and engineering for 15 years. We understand the language of all three communities and can facilitate tough discussions among them. We know how to frame issues so that everyone understands the opportunities and threats of a certain course. Having the right CONOPS or set of CONOPS in hand ensures warfighters’ needs provide the backdrop for all systems development decisions.